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Create a Product Data feed in Shopware 6
Create a Product Data feed in Shopware 6
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By default, our integration with Shopware 6 should automatically sync your product catalogue with However, there are cases where you may want to create a custom product data feed instead.

If you do not have product data feed created, please follow the below steps.


⭐️ Active account

✅ Active Shopware account (Advanced or Professional)

Instructions ⚙️

Add a new Sales Channel and select “Product Comparison”

1. Section “General Settings"

Select the template “Google Shopping (XML)” and click “Apply template”.

Name: “”

2. Section “Storefront Sales Channel”

Select the appropriate further settings, such as Storefront Sales Channel, Storefront domain, currency, etc.

3. Section “Product export”

Select the value "Live" for "Interval.

Select a created Dynamic Product Group and ensure that all products within the catalogue are included in this dynamic product group.

Further information regarding creating Dynamic Product Groups can be found here:

4. Section “Status”

Make sure that the "Active" status is enabled.

Then click Save.

5. “Template tab”

Go to the "Template" tab and click on the "Test template" button.

When an error message appears, use the following code within the Product row field and click Save:

<title>{{|escape }}</title>
<g:id>{{ product.productNumber }}</g:id>
<g:image_link>{{ }}</g:image_link>
<link>{{ seoUrl('', {'productId':}) }}</link>
<g:gtin>{{ product.ean }}</g:gtin>
<g:brand>{{|escape }}</g:brand>
<g:mpn>{{ product.manufacturerNumber }}</g:mpn>
{%- if product.categories.count > 0 -%}
<g:product_type>{{ product.categories.first.getBreadCrumb|slice(1)|join(' > ')|raw|escape }}</g:product_type>
{%- endif -%}

6. Copy the product data feed link.

Navigate to the Product Catalogue in your account, and select Setup Product Feed.

7. Add the new data feed to your account.

Further details can be found here.

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