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Here are some common questions and their answers regarding your Email Limit

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Introduction πŸ“–

Each plan has a specific amount of email invitations included, as outlined below πŸ‘‡


Email Limit







Early Stage


Shopify Launch Plus


Shopify Launch


Shopify Free


If you notice the disclaimer below when you log into your dashboard, this means that any invitations that are pending will remain as such until your email limit resets:

Below are some common questions and their answers regarding this email invitations allowance πŸ‘‡

When will my limit reset? πŸ“†

You can easily locate your reset date by navigating to your Homepage > On the right hand side will be a tab referred to as: Review Invitations

In this tab, you will find information on the number of emails in your queue, the remaining emails, and your next reset date.

If you have hit your email limit the invitations that are currently in the queue will remain in progress until your email limit resets or you purchase additional invitations.

How do I purchase more invites? πŸ“©

You can purchase an additional invite package by heading to Account Settings > Subscriptions and selecting your desired amount in the drop-down:

This will be a recurring payment unless this is then removed from your bolt-ons. You can remove this bolt-on by simply clicking the tile again like so πŸ‘‡

Note: If you are on any of the Shopify plans, you are unable to purchase additional invites. This would require a plan directly billed with

Why has my limit been hit on the same day it reset? ❌

This is likely due to an existing back-log of invitations. For example, if in December I have an allowance of 500 invites and exceed that allowance by a further 500 - those 500 extra invites will remain in progress. Then when my reset date comes, in this example, January 1st - those additional 500 queued since December will now be sent out (taking priority over newer invites). This is likely how you have hit our limit on the first day.

Note: If an invite is older than 3 weeks our system will not send these out.

In this scenario, please refer to the previous question as you will likely benefit from either upgrading your plan or purchasing additional invites.

Alternatively, if you are a monthly subscription you can upgrade to a higher plan and then revert to your original plan!

Please contact our Live Chat if you'd like to discuss other benefits of upgrading your plan!

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