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Freshworks Integration

Sync reviews collected on to Freshmarketer for targeted campaigns based on experiences & ratings.

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βœ… Freshworks account

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Key Features

Once you have integrated within Freshworks, you will be able to do the following:

  • Segment customers based on their reviews and enable targeted marketing strategies.

  • Create personalised messages for your customers according to their reviews, allowing you to improve engagement with the customer and increase their satisfaction.

  • Reward customers for leaving positive reviews and encourage loyalty.

  • Proactively reach out to customers who left negative feedback to see how you can improve their experience.

  • Include positive reviews from genuine customers in marketing campaigns to build further trust and increase the number of new customers.

  • Leverage customer feedback to make informed business decisions and enhance your products or services.

  • Boost customer retention by addressing feedback and personalising your communication to increase repeat purchases and long-term customer relationships

Instructions βš™οΈ

Please note: Before you can integrate with Freshmarketer and, you will need to have the app installed on e-commerce store.

1. Log into your Freshmarketer account.

2. Go to Admin Settings >> Marketplace apps>>, click 'Install'

3. Once you press install, you will need to enter your API Key and store domain then choose 'Install' again

You can find these by logging into your account >> Integrations >> Freshworks

Your review data will now be pushed through to Freshmarketer and you will be able to see which of your customers have left positive or negative reviews.

You will also be able to segment users who have left particular ratings, this will allow you to easily filter customers who left negative ratings and reach out accordingly.

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