Setting up SAML 2.0
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⭐️ This is only available on the Plus plan!

We do support any IdP, but we don't have documentation for all providers since there's so many. Setup should be similar to the documentation with have for Google and Okta. If you have any trouble getting starting, please contact our support team using our chat widget.

  1. Identity Provider SSO URL

  2. Identity Provider Issuer

  3. Certificate (Download this and upload with the dashboard link)


  • Q: Will users be able to login with a password anymore? A: No, password login is disabled as soon as SAML login is enabled.

  • Q: Will SAML login go into effect immediately? A: Existing user sessions will be valid for up to 7 days. Ask each of your users to log out and log back into to force them to immediately start using SAML login.

Click below to access instructions πŸ‘‡

Create a new application in Google

From the 'Apps' section of your google account's admin interface, select 'Add custom SAML app':

Name the app ""

Configure the app with the following details

Configure SAML attributes:

You can configure Google to send attributes about each user to that will be synced on login. supports the following attributes:

Click the 'Download Metadata' button and upload it in the section below

Create a new application in Okta

In the Admin area of your Okta account, go to 'Applications' and select 'Create App Integration'. In the popup, select 'SAML 2.0'
Name the app '' and click 'Next'

Configure the app with the following details

Configure Attribute Statements:

Fill in the feedback form and click 'Finish'

Copy the Metadata URL and paste it below

Click the 'Download Metadata' button and upload within the SAML settings page. Our support team will then confirm with you once the setup has been completed and is ready for use.

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