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Publish reviews collected via on Walmart

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Boost your searchability & increase conversion by syndicating product reviews with Walmart.


⭐️ Available on Grow and Plus plans

βœ… Walmart Marketplace account

Navigation πŸ“

  • Log into your account

  • Head to Integrations

  • Click on 'Walmart'

There will be two different methods for integrating with Walmart but both will require you to add your Seller ID to the integration page and 'Save Configuration'


You may see an error message stating 'GTINs Required' meaning your current product feed does not include GTINs which is a necessary field that Walmart need in order to match the reviews.

All GTINs will need to match in both and Walmart Marketplace in order to continue.

Please read the below thoroughly so you know which method you will need to take in order to show your reviews within Walmart πŸ‘‡

If you sell more than 1000 products on Walmart and you are collecting roughly around 100 reviews per month -

You should not need to take further steps when it comes to the integration, once you choose 'Save Configuration' Walmart will automatically show your reviews.

However, please be mindful that Walmart will need to onboard you which can take them some time.

If you do not notice your reviews in the next couple of weeks after adding your Seller ID then please contact our Live Chat support.

If you sell less than 1000 products on Walmart and you are collecting less than 100 reviews per month -

If you fall into this category then the syndication will be a little more manual.

Walmart has provided the below link where you can upload a CSV of reviews directly to them and they will take 2-7 days to process the file.

This would need to be uploaded once a month in order for Walmart to syndicate any new reviews and the file will need to be formatted like the example below.

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