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Video First Review Collection

Send Video Review Invitations to your customers using the new Video First Review Collection tool.

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Our new Video First feature allows you to send customers Video Review Invitations and show tips on how to leave reviews.


⭐️ Available on Start-Up plan and above

⭐️ Active account

Navigation 📍

  • Log into your account

  • Head to Collection

  • Click 'Video First'

Instructions ⚙️

Here in the Video First page, you can create campaigns. A campaign is an introduction video and a tips video to encourage your customers to review your products and company. You can create multiple video invitation campaigns and use them for different flows.

For example, you can set up different campaigns for company reviews and product reviews which would have unique videos inviting your customers to leave reviews.

To start using Video First, you will need to complete the following steps:

Create a video campaign

To start, you will need to choose 'create video campaign'

You can then choose between a 'Review Invitation' video or a 'Tips' video.

Note: The 'Review Invitation' is shown on the Email Template & the 'Tips' video is shown on the Collector Page.

When you select the video type you want to set up, you can then choose your campaign videos. You will have the option to pick one of our video presets or upload your own via the Upload Videos tab.

IMPORTANT: If you are choosing one of our presets, you will see 2 different videos.

The first video will be shown to customers on the Email Template and the Second Video will be the 'tips' video shown on the Collector Page.

To use the video in your collection, choose 'Select Videos'

Once this has been selected, you will have the option to confirm the Campaign name and the videos selected, meaning you can make sure that everything is correctly set up.

You will then need to save the changes made, which will then add the Campaign to the main Video First page.

Create a "Video First" email template and assign a specific video campaign to it.

Navigate to Invitations >> Email Templates >> Create Template >> Simple Template and select Video First Campaign.

You'll then see your video appear in your email templates. Be sure to edit this to stay on brand, and hit Save when complete.

Use your "Video First" templates in a Flow, Review Booster or Quick Invites.

You then have the ability to activate your email template via Flow, Review Booster, or Quick Invites.

Be sure to set your template to active once you'd like to to begin queuing the template should you choose to automate this.

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