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How to Create a Flow Sequence
How to Create a Flow Sequence

Enhance your review collection by getting Started with Flows

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Updated over a week ago have enhanced your review collection ability. Flow Sequences allows you to tailor your review collection to how you see fit


⭐️ subscription

βš™οΈ Automation through one of our integrations πŸ‘ˆ

Navigation πŸ“

  • Sign in to your Dashboard

  • Head to INVITATIONS πŸ“§


Instructions βš™οΈ

Click 'Create First Flow' πŸ‘‡

‡️ In the Select Sequence drop-down, you will find a multitude of options to create your flow. You can create a new sequence from blank or select one of our pre-made solutions!

For this example, I've selected the company review sequence!

⏳ Firstly, you will want to confirm the time delay selected in your flow. The time delay refers when the data is first received, our system then processes your review request email to send the first request (x) days later. By default, the delay is set to 7 days! To change this you would need to:

IMPORTANT: The Time Delay in the Flow, will override the time delay in your Email Templates unless you are using the API integration.

Example: If my email template is set to 20 days but my flow says 7 then the invites will be sent after 7 days, not 20!

Please note the caution in the above example - if you have delays set up within Country Settings, these WILL be stacked on your delay!

Once you have done so, click the 'Send Email Invitation' block in your flow, here you can assign what template you would to be sent πŸ‘‡

You have the ability to select:

  • Review Type

  • Email Template (from your saved templates)

You can also preview the review request on the left hand side, as shown above!

Once this is complete, you have created your very first FLOW sequence. To activate it, you simply need to save the template, and hit the ACTIVATE button in the top right πŸŽ‰

Suggested Flows:

Note, this is the most basic of flow sequences available. Some other suggested flows you could build include:

PLEASE NOTE: If you collect with the 3rd party integration the flow will only send the initial invitation. The follow up emails will not send for the flow sequence to the 3rd party platforms.

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