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Multilingual Set up: Collector Page
Multilingual Set up: Collector Page

How to collect reviews in multiple languages

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Many retailers now have websites available in multiple languages which supports by allowing retailers to control which language(s) are displayed to customers.

This article will explain how to efficiently manage the review collection and display process across multiple languages on one website.


⭐️ Active account


Please note that every account has a Default Language. This can be determined by the language shown on the Collector Page Settings page when it first loads.

If your default language is incorrect, please contact our Support team via Live Chat or email and we can change this for you.

Note: German (Informell) is not possible to be selected as a default language. All question text must be first submitted to the German (Formell) version, and then translated in the German (Formell) version.

It is strongly recommended to not submit informal German in the German (Formell) version to ensure a consistent user experience.

Collector Page Settings

All text changes first need to be made in the Default Language of your Collector Page. Each time this Default Language text is edited, the changes will automatically be auto-translated to all other secondary languages.

Ensure that you save your edits via the Save & Preview > Save button.

Once you have made the changes to the Default Language, you are able to edit the auto-translations that are set for the secondary languages. Simply select the language which you wish to edit via the dropdown menu in the right-column, and then click “Edit” next to the question text.

Ensure that you save your edits via the Save Translation button.

Please note: You can also define the appropriate language to direct the user to from your Email Template or within your Dynamic Link settings. This will ensure that a customer receiving an Email Invitation in French (for example) is brought the French version of the Collector Page. If you wish to have the Collector Page displayed to the user to be determined based upon the Customer's browser settings, then you would need to use the option 'Auto' in the Email Template.


  • Please be aware that some questions can’t be translated, such as the Net Promoter Score and the photo/video upload option.

  • When making changes to the configurations within the Default Language, it’s best to double-check that auto-translations are still correct once saved as they will likely get overwritten.

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