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Create Simple Email Invitation (Including In-Email Form)
Create Simple Email Invitation (Including In-Email Form)

Customers can write reviews from their email client

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An In-depth dive into creating the right Email Template for your business.


Important: Remember to set your country settings, Read our support article to help 🌎


First things first, you will want to select which template you would like to use. You can select:

  • Company Reviews - Great for Google AdWords.

  • Product Reviews - Used for Google Shopping Stars, and Organic Stars on SERPs

  • Both Company & Reviews - Collect both review types in one email.

  • 3rd Party Reviews (In-Email Form not available) - To collect reviews for your third party integrations such as Google My Business, Facebook ect.

  • Reminder: for sending follow up emails for those that have not reviewed.

  • User Generated Photos & Videos: A follow up request asking the customer to leave a photo or video.

You'll be presented with the editor ☝️ There are a number of customisation parameters here, along with a preview of your In-Email Form. You can also preview how the In-Email Form will look using various Email Application using the tabs.

You can edit the following fields:

  • Email Subject: Changing the email subject to stay on-brand with the business can be great for conversions. You can also use the [Name] parameter to engage customers on a personal level.

Note: We would recommend you avoid using emojis within the Email Subject as this can negatively affect conversion as invitations are more likely to enter spam inboxes πŸ“’

  • Sender Name: We would advise to change the sender name to either a) your company name, or b) a member of your team, e.g Joe Bloggs, CEO of (insert company). This way, you are staying on-brand with the business, as well as engaging customers on a personal level - great for conversion! ⭐️

  • Send Email After eg: 7 days: If you have integrated an automated review process via one of our integrations available here, then you can set the amount of days after purchase that you would like the invitations to be sent out. This delay would depend on your delivery time or product! πŸš€

  • Branch: If you wanted to associate a particular branch of your business to the review, you can select from the dropdown available. Note you will need to setup branches, which you can do here.

  • Form Language: Here you can change the language of the Email Template and this will also change the language on the Collector Page. If you were looking to use the Customer's browser settings then you would need to use the option 'default' in the Email Template. (This will only push the translation to both the Email Template and Collector Page if you are using the Layout: Form)

Further customization options that allow you to stay on brand with your business, are available by editing the following:

  • Header & Logo

  • Add Banner image (optional, but effective!)

  • Body Text (Keep it short and sweet, and let the customer know you are grateful!)

  • Call-to-Action Button

  • Footer Text

The Email Templates now also includes Grammarly which is a writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, and punctuation!

There are also tags that you can use within the template to further personalise the invites you are sending out πŸ‘‡

In-Email Form

The in-email review collection form is a handy feature which lets your customers write their reviews without leaving their email client. The customer will be able to go through the entire review process without ever having to leave their email.

Important - Combined Invitations

A combined company and product review invitation email template functions as a product email by default. Therefore, if you create one of these emails alongside a standard product or company email, the traffic will be split equally between them all.
If you want all emails to be combined emails, then you should deactivate all of your product-only and company-only emails. You can achieve this by toggling the Active button within each individual template (at the top-right of the screen).

A/B Email Template Testing

If you are looking to test out two or more different types of email templates to confirm which one will yield a higher conversion rate, you can easily accomplish this goal by activating two different email templates doing this will begin sending out invitations in A/B testing. Meaning your first customer will receive email template β€˜A’ and the second customer will receive template β€˜B’ and so on… please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process by reaching out through our support chat, Thank you.

Supporting Articles

Review invitation emails contain a link to your 'Review Collector Page' - remember to configure your Collectors Page, click here to read our support article.

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