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Connect to your Omnisend account

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Connect your account to Omnisend and create segmented audiences based on your review data.


βœ… An active Omnisend account.

⭐️ An active account.

Navigation πŸ“

  • Sign into your dashboard.

  • Click Integrations >> Omnisend.

Instructions βš™οΈ

Step 1: Integrate your Omnisend account

Flow Sequences

For more control over your data, integrate with Omnisend through our invitation flow feature. Simply add an Integration step after sending an email and select "Send to Omnisend" and add your Omnisend API Key. events & tags

When a review is submitted after the integration has been enabled, a "Custom Event" customer's profile in Omnisend. Custom events can be used in Automation Workflows. Our automation also adds tags (using the same names as our events) to your customer's profile which can be used to create Segments in Omnisend.

The following events and tags will be pushed to Omnisend customer's profile:

Sending Review Requests from Omnisend

In order to send review requests from Omnisend, you will need to ensure you have integrated with Omnisend by following the steps above.

Once you have done so, a custom property will be pushed into your Omnisend account which can be placed into you automation and workflow email sequences so you are sending your review requests directly from Omnisend.

Note: Do not activate any email templates in if you are sending from Omnisend, as the custom property will not be pushed if you have active email templates in

If you require assistance with setup, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via livechat, we are happy to help.

Integrating the Dynamic Link

You are able to add the Dynamic Link into your Omnisend emails to ask customers for a review directly from Omnisend.

You can do so by adding either of the links below -

Please note: You will also need to be queueing invitations through the dash.

You would just need to pause your email sending from from within your Invitation History.

By queuing the invitations in our system as well as Omnisend, we can look up the order ID in our invitation table and find the correct products so will only work if the order ID in our system is the same as in Omnisend.

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