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Changing the Reviewer's Name
Changing the Reviewer's Name

How to change a customer's name reviews.

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If you have noticed a mistake with the customer's name on a review or if the customer has requested a change with the name displayed then you are able to edit this from within your account.


βœ… Active account

πŸ‘€ This can only be edited from the main login email or by a user who is set up as an administrator for the account

Navigation πŸ“

Firstly, you will need to go into your Timeline and find the reviews that you wish to update.

Instructions βš™οΈ

If you click on the settings option displayed, you can choose from the following filters πŸ‘†

  • All

  • SKU

  • Order ID

  • Email

  • Tags

Once you have found the correct review you wish to edit you can click on this.

From this page, scroll down until you see the section 'About author' on the right hand side. This will have an option to edit the information πŸ‘‡

⏳ Please be aware that this change may take up to an hour to update on your website widgets and public profile page.

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