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Trigger and respond to reviews within Gorgias customer support centre

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Create your helpdesk in minutes and create flawless customer service for e-commerce stores by managing all your customer support in one place including reviews with REVIEWS.io integration.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the old version of the Gorgias integration then we would advise removing your current integration and reinstalling either from the REVIEWS.io dashboard or the Gorgias marketplace using the guide below.


⭐️ Active REVIEWS.io account

✅ Active Gorgias account

Instructions ⚙️

Gorgias App Store Installation

1. Go to the REVIEWS.io App in the Gorgias App Store, click 'Connect your REVIEWS.io account'

2. On the REVIEWS.io app page inside of Gorgias, Click the Connect App button to continue with the installation.

3. During the installation, you will be asked to approve the REVIEWS.io app access permissions and click Authorize App to continue.

4. You will then be directed back to this Gorgias Integration page.

You can manage your Gorgias integration(s) using the controls at the top of the page.

The installation process will set up an HTTP integration in your account which is required for the REVIEWS.io ticket widget to get data about a specific ticket.

Dashboard Gorgias Installation

You can also start the installation process from the dashboard process by inserting your Gorgias URL and clicking the `Install App` button which will then follow the same process as if installing from the Gorgias app marketplace.

Integration Management

You can control the following settings from the Gorgias integration page in the dashboard using the following toggles (https://dash.reviews.io/platforms/gorgias):

  • Send Positive & Negative Reviews - Default only negative reviews are created.

  • Send Revise Review request on closing a ticket

  • Send Company Reviews

  • Send Product Reviews

  • Send 3rd Party Reviews

  • Send Questions

  • Send Survey Responses

  • Reinstall Ticket Widget

  • Reinstall Customer statistics widget

Ticket Widget

The installation adds the following ticket widget to your Gorgias account.

The ticket widget will dynamically load per ticket providing that a client is moving between tickets with different email addresses.

If you do accidentally remove the widget within Gorgias, you can use the reinstall button on the integration page to get the widget to display again.

Force Ticket Widget Update

If the ticket widget data has not automatically updated within Gorgias, you are able to force the REVIEWS.io HTTP integration to trigger an update by leaving an internal note in Gorgias.

Note: This can happen if a client is moving between Gorgias tickets which have the same email address as the HTTP integration is not automatically triggered by Gorgias in this case.

Replying to Reviews & Questions

The ticket widget provides functionality via action buttons at the top of the widget to allow replies directly from within Gorgias.

The following actions will display on all tickets however will only able make successful requests on relevant tickets types:

  • Company Review - Public Reply, Private Reply & Forward

  • Product Review - Public Reply, Private Reply & Forward

  • Questions - 1 x Public Reply only & Multiple Private Replies.

Example action - Public Reply 👇

Once a reply has been sent successfully via the `Public Reply` action button, this will be indicated at the bottom of a ticket.

Replying via the action button forces the ticket widget to automatically update and the reply will be shown in the ticket widget instantly.

Ticket Customisation

Within your settings, you have the choice of toggling on these options below 👇

Revise Review

You will be able to use the action button `Ask To Revise` which is hidden behind an ellipse `...` to send a revised review link to a customer via email.

Alternatively there is functionality built into the integration to enable automatically sending a revise review link upon closing a ticket which can be controlled on the Gorgias integration page via the `Send Revise Review request on closing a ticket` toggle:

The close button is located inside Gorgias at the top of the ticket:

Customer Statistics Widget

Every time a ticket is being created in Gorgias, if there is an email for the customer then we will upload this to Gorgias’s Customer data endpoint which will then be shown in the customer statistics widget which also includes Customer Attributes data:

Company Review Ticket Example

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