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The REVIEWS.io Timeline is the main area of your account where you can see all incoming reviews in reverse chronological order. From this screen, you can take action on any review, filter your reviews using a range of criteria and see incoming questions.


⭐️ Available on ALL plans!

Navigation πŸ“

Navigate to your dashboard Homepage > Click Timeline πŸ‘‡

Instructions βš™οΈ

Reply Feature πŸ’¬

Reviews from all sources are listed on your timeline. You can take action (reply, forward) on any review by clicking on the review. A panel will open as follows πŸ‘‡

You may reply to a review here either publicly (showing on your main company profile page) or privately (showing only here, in your dashboard). You also have the ability to moderate, upload image, request video review and ask to revise as you see fit.

Search πŸ”Ž

You may search for a specific review by using the search box. Search by name, email address, order ID, tags or SKU by entering it in this box. Click the cog to open more options when searching.

Choose which reviews you would like to see in your Timeline in this panel. Choose review type, branch, review platform and status by checking the appropriate boxes.


Can I edit customer Information from within the Timeline? e.g. Anonymize a review for the customer.

You sure can. You would just need to select the review in question, then under the 'About the Author' section you will be given the option to edit the customer's information.

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