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In-Store Review Collection
In-Store Review Collection

Collect reviews in your brick-and-mortar store

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In-store Review Collection

Collect company reviews using an iPad or tablet in your store or on-site πŸ“² The in-store collection is great for any customer-facing business and allows quick review collection on the spot.
In-store reviews are beneficial to a whole host of sectors, big and small. Companies using the In-store collection can make the most of their foot traffic in their brick-and-mortar stores, helping to boost their review rates and response conversion.

Our app is also vital for tradesmen who are less likely to collect customer emails after a purchase.

The app is also helpful for those who don't see as many returning customers and thus can't afford for some reviews to slip through the net.

Additionally, the In-store app can be used on multiple iPad/tablets across different branches for you to then compare store performance. This comparison can offer great feedback on areas that need improvement, such as customer service, as well as highlight stores that are being praised from the rooftops, to enable you to give credit where credit's due.

Note: To set up the In Store app, please contact our support team via Live Chat to learn more about pricing and set-up.

How it works βš™οΈ

It is designed to be used as a terminal that can either be handed to your customers or installed as a terminal, usually next to your checkout area.

You'll need to contact us to activate your in-store app collection, providing us with some information including your company logo. Please contact us on our sales or support line and explain that you wish to use our in-store app bolt-on so we can assist.

In-Store App 🧱

The In-store app requests the customer's name, email & order Information. Once this has been entered they have the option to submit the review straight away, or they can request a review invite to to be sent to their inbox to review later πŸ‘‡

Managing Branches

Once the In-store app is set up, you are able to append your branch names to the URL. This is useful if you have multiple locations that your business operates in, so you know exactly where your reviews are coming from, and how each branch is performing.

To do this you just need to add:


to the end of your in-store URL.

Review Publishing

When reviews are left via the in-store app we will send the author an email asking them to verify their review. Once they have verified this, we will then publish the review publically and display this as a verified review. Until this point, it will display in the dashboard as moderated.


Can I collect product reviews using the In-store apps?

​The in-store app is used solely for the collection of company reviews. It does not collect product reviews.

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