Review Booster is a way for account holders to contact past customers for reviews. 

PLEASE NOTE: The CSV MUST include headings in row A to upload correctly. Your customer data should start on row B.

By supplying a list of customers, email addresses and order identification numbers can automatically contact all your recent orders for a review request, using one of your customised email invitations.

You can send as many invitations in your Review Booster as you like, subject to the monthly review invitation limit on your chosen package.  You can go back several weeks or months.


To send a Review Booster, we highly recommend that you first set up your customised email invitation template, as this will be used as the body of the review invitation email.

Company Review Booster

Prepare .csv

Create a .csv file containing your customer order list by exporting the data from your eCommerce website.  The .csv file should contain at least three fields:-

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Email Address

  • Customer Order ID

Log in to

  • Log in to your account at

  •  Navigate to the top menu Invitations >> Review Booster

Choose Booster Type

You can choose to request Company or Product reviews in your Review Booster.

Choose Email Template

Choose which email template you would like to use for your Review Booster.  You may wish to create a separate template specifically for this task aimed at customers who may not have recently purchased from you.

Choose Data Import Method

Choose to either upload your prepared .csv or copy and paste the data from it directly into our dashboard.

Once the data is entered, it will appear as a comma separated list.

Identify Columns

To tell which column matches to Customer Name, Customer Email and Order ID, Click "Identify Column" and choose the data type from the dropdown menu. Repeat for all columns.

Send Booster

Once our system has verified the data has correctly imported you may send the Review Booster to your clients.


Did you know that 89% of customers will write a positive review about your company  - as long as you ask them!

Product Review Booster

Prepare .csv

You can request product reviews from a single customer that ordered multiple products.  This is easily achievable by modifying your Review Booster .csv file to include the product SKU as a separate column.  See the following example.

Create Review Booster

  • Choose Product Reviews in Booster Type

Choose Email Template

Choose Data Import Method

  • Choose Import CSV or simply paste your data into the fields.

Identify Columns

  • Select the data type from the dropdown menu.  You'll need Name, Email , Order ID and Product ID.


Review Booster automatically merges all product review requests form the same order number into one email.

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