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Collect reviews from customers via .csv upload

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📲 SMS Review Booster is a fantastic way for new clients to get a lot of reviews quickly, without waiting for new orders to come in. It can also be used for manual review collection at any time by processing an uploaded .csv file containing customer data, which is used to populate your email review invitation templates.


⚡️ The SMS booster is a bolt-on on all plans. In order to send out an SMS booster you would first need to activate SMS review collection and add the number of SMS' you wanted to send on your Subscription page in the dashboard.

🚨 Please note: Your plan may include an allocation of SMS invites. Without the bolt-on, these can be used in Quick Invites & in a Flow! To send via the Booster, this bolt-on is required! ⚡️

Navigation 📍

  • Navigate to Invitations > Review Booster > SMS Booster

Instructions ⚙️

Select whether you want to send a Company or Product Review Booster.

Customise your SMS message text by editing the options. This step is optional. The placeholders are replaced with your provided customer data when the SMS is sent. Note that if you add [Branch] placeholder to the SMS, your provided customer data must include Branch information.

Note: The character limit per SMS is: 140 characters - 14 characters for the link. Exceeding this will use an additional SMS from your allowance.

Import Customer Data

Import your customer data. You can choose to send as a one-off to a single customer by clicking 'Add One Customer', or you can choose to send to a number of customers in bulk by using the 'Upload CSV' option. Required Data: Customer Name, Mobile Number and Order ID.

Note: All mobile phone numbers must contain the Country Code (Including the +)

Identify Customer Data

In this section you'll match the columns in your uploaded .csv to the headings in the dashboard.

If you need to match a column, click Identify Column and choose from the dropdown menu.

When all columns match up, simply click Send Invitations and your review booster will be sent.

You can view your in-progress and past review invitations on the SMS Review Booster History page in the Invitations History page in the dash.

SMS Review Collection via API

Rather than sending SMS review invites in bulk, which works well for previous customers, you may want to use our API to send new SMS review invitations shortly after product despatch.  This automates the system for you.

API Documentation
Our API Documentation is the best place to find technical information for SMS Review Invitations via API.  Visit our API Documentation on this link for further instructions.

SMS Company/Product/Local Review Collection

Using the Reviews API, you can collect all types of reviews.  By setting up review collection using the API documentation above, review invitation links can be sent for Company, Product and Local reviews.  You simply need to ensure that you have set up the appropriate SMS template in the API.

Company Reviews API documentation
Product Reviews API documentation

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