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Connect REVIEWS.io to your Klaviyo account

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Connect your REVIEWS.io account to Klaviyo and create segmented audiences based on your review data.

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  • An active Klaviyo account.

  • An active REVIEWS.io account.


  • Sign into your REVIEWS.io dashboard. 

  • Click Integrations >> Klaviyo.


1. Add Your Klaviyo API Keys

Create your Klaviyo API Keys here (https://www.klaviyo.com/account#api-keys-tab) and add them to the API form for Klaviyo integrations within your REVIEWS.io account.

How it looks in Klaviyo:

If you are using multiply Klaviyo accounts you must include ORDER ID Prefix field Eg: US Account may have order ids like #US123141 and the AU, #AU124181

Review Tracking Events

When a review is submitted or an Influencer is found after the integration has been enabled, a "Custom Event" will be pushed into the customer's profile in Klaviyo.

The following events will be pushed to Klaviyo customer's profile:

  • ReviewsIOReview - All Company Reviews

  • ReviewsIONegativeReview - Company Review (1-3 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOPositiveReview - Company Review (4/5 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOProductReview - All Product Reviews

  • ReviewsIONegativeProductReview - Product Review (1-3 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOPositiveProductReview - Product Review (4/5 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOInfluencer - Any identifiable Instagram profiles is using our INFLUENCE component.

  • ReviewsIOPhoto - Any photo reviewers.

  • ReviewsIOVideo - Any video reviewers.

2. Creating Lists & Segments in Klaviyo

a) In Klaviyo click "Lists & Segments" in the left navigation, and then the blue "Create List / Segment" button.

b) Next click the "Segment" button.

c) Name Segment

Give your Segment a name and then under "Definition" select "What someone has done (or not done)".

d) Select Tracking Event

Select Tracking Event where You can then choose a REVIEWS.io tracking event.

You can further filter down using the event properties. For example to filter to users who've reviewed a specific product select "ReviewsIOProductReview" as the event, then click the "Add Filter" button, select "product_sku" in the "where" box and then type the sku into the "equals" box:

e) Segmenting via Attributes

We also do offer the ability to create Segments via Attribute which you have collected from customers alongside reviews. If you had a Attribute already set up and collected in REVIEWS.io:

This information would then be able to be utilised within these segments in Klaviyo under the Properties about someone:

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