How to set your Reviews dashboard to match up with your local timezone. In order to avoid sending review invitations to your customers at night, select your timezone below.


  • Login into dash.

  • Navigate to Invitations >> Country Settings.


  • Click on the Timezone drop down and select the most suitable timezone for you Business

  • Hit 'Save Timezone' to ensure that the system remembers this

Country Specific Template & Delay Rules (Shopify & Magento 2 Only)

If you wish to use different email invitation templates for different countries and have unique delay times for certain regions, you can set these rules using the fields below.

Please note: We lookup your customer's location automatically using the Shopify API.


The time delay set within the Country Settings will be on top of the time delay set in your original Email Templates.

E.g. If you have a 7 day delay in you Email Template and a 7 day delay in your Country Settings, the overall delay will be 14 days.

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