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Send Emails From Your Own Email Address
Send Emails From Your Own Email Address

You can enable email sending from your own address by following the instructions below.

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As part of aligning your email presence with your brand, you can set up sending your review invitations from your own domain in Until you set up an email address all Review Invitation Emails and replies to reviews & questions are from


⚠️ This feature is only available on Professional and above Plans

Note: This is an advanced feature that will most likely require assistance from a developer or your web hosting company. Before using this feature please ensure that the email address you wish to use has been created and can receive email and that you can make changes to your website DNS.


▶️ Log into your Dashboard

▶️ At the top of your dash select Invitations >> Own Email Address


▶️ Enter the Email Address you want to use and click Submit

▶️ You will then receive a verification email from

▶️ Click on the link within the verification email link to verify your email address.

Once you have verified your email address enter the CNAME records that have been automatically generated within your dash.

Note: If your domain has an SPF record please add ""

The amount of time it takes for DNS record changes to propagate across the internet can vary, depending on your DNS hosts settings and can take up to 24hrs.

To test this works as expected, please use the Quick Invite feature on the top right of your dashboard to ensure your emails are sending from your desired domain.

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