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Integrating the Dynamic Link Into Klaviyo
Integrating the Dynamic Link Into Klaviyo

A guide to prefilling the placeholders for your Dynamic Link, in Klaviyo.

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To send review invitations from Klaviyo, we use the dynamic link. The dynamic link prefills the customers order details so to auto verify the review. To read an overview of the Dynamic Link, head to this article!

Note: Double check the dynamic link in your account as UK customers might have and international customers might have .io in the link!

Video Tutorial


Dynamic Link bolt on.


  • Log into your dashboard.

  • Navigate to Collection >> Dynamic Link.

  • Copy the purple 'Dynamic Link Template For Automation' URL.

Instructions ⚙️

NOTE: Please complete the first stage of connecting Klaviyo to by following this guide first.

To use this feature requires the Dynamic Link bolt on with your subscription. Once you have integrated Klaviyo and, you will now need to build the dynamic link into a CTA button on your Klaviyo email template that you want to send to your customers to request reviews.

Request Reviews from Klaviyo

Request Company Reviews

Add this code to your Klaviyo email template to ask your customers for a review. We recommend using this in conjunction with a Segment of users without the "ReviewsIOReview" event to ensure you're only sending emails to customers who haven't reviewed you yet.

Please note: For example purposes, we have added the order ID as '&order_id=klaviyo' however you will need to add the correct placeholder from your Klaviyo email setup for this to pull through correctly.[STORE-ID]&user={{first_name}}&email={{email}}&type=company&order_id=klaviyo


Shopify - Request Product Reviews

Create a Flow with the Shopify Order Fulfilled trigger. Add the adjacent code to your email template within this Flow to ask your customers for a product review. Note: The Shopify order information needs to be within the invitation history still. You can press Pause Email Sending to make sure invites are only being sent out via Klaviyo[STORE-ID]&user={{ first_name }}&order_id={{ event.extra.order_number }}&email={{ email }}&products={% for item in event.extra.line_items %}{{ item.product.variant.sku | urlencode }}%3B{% endfor %}&type=product

Note: If you would like to request a combined company & product review use &type=combined at the end of your link instead.

BigCommerce - Request Product Reviews

Create a Flow with the BigCommerce Order Fulfilled trigger. Add the adjacent code to your email template within this Flow to ask your customers for a product review.[STORE-ID]&user={{ first_name|default:'' }}​&order_id={{ }}&email={{ email|default:'' }}&products={% for item in event.extra.items %}{{ item.sku | urlencode }}%3B{% endfor %}&type=product

Pasting your Dynamic Link into a CTA Button in Klaviyo

Once you have changed the variable fields in the step above to accomodate for your parameters already set in Klaviyo, it is time to paste the link into the email template that you are wanting to send to customers.

  1. Sign into your Klaviyo account.

  2. Click 'Email Templates' from the sidebar.

  3. Select the email template that you would like to add the dynamic link too.

  4. Add a 'Block' to your email template.

5. Click on the 'Block' and add button text to be 'Write a Review' or whatever you would like to add.

6. In the 'LINK URL', paste your updated dynamic link and hit save.

Your Template should now have a call to action button with the dynamic link attached, so that when customers click the link, they are directed to leave a verified review.

Note: Please be sure to always test the email to ensure it is collecting the right customer data before sending to live customers!

If your link is leading to a broken page, then it's likely you have not filled in your Dynamic Link with the correct parameters. Please read this detailed guide on how to follow this process!


Can I use the dynamic link in a campaign in Klaviyo?

No, we don't currently support this, as the customer information (name, email, order ID, SKU) does not get pushed into campaigns, only flows beginning with the fulfilled order trigger.

Can I use the dynamic link off a trigger other than fulfilled order?

Possibly, depending on the situation. The trigger must have the following customer information within it:

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Email

  • Order ID

  • Product SKU

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