• Log into your dashboard

  • Navigate to Publishing >> Widget Library

  • Click 'Product Reviews Widget'.


The Headings on the left of the widget will go over each section of the widget so you can chop and change until you find the right set-up for you!

In 'General Settings', you will have the following core options to customize:

  • Content Type e.g. Product Reviews, Company Reviews, 3rd Party Reviews, Q&A.

  • Change the Widget Language.

  • How many reviews appear on one page.

  • You will also have the option to hide parts of the widget if you have not collected any Reviews or Questions on that relevant product page.

  • You are also able to choose your platform, however, this is only currently available for Shopify & Maropost clients.


Selecting a platform will output widget code that is optimised for your site so you're able to simply copy&paste the generated code into your template.

Otherwise, you'll need to replace certain sections with the variables from your platform.

In the 'Header' tab you will have huge amounts of freedom to adjust the Following parts of your widget:

  • Displaying overall Product Rating and Product Attributes.

  • Whether or not you would like to display a Photo and Video Gallery.

  • Option to hide or show 'Write Review' and 'Ask Question' buttons.

  • Color Customization on Gallery and Attributes Sections.

In the 'Filters & Subheader' tab you will find multiple different options to show and hide certain aspects of the widget that will highlight the strong points of your business! These include the following:

The 'Reviews' tab will allow you to customize the reviews themselves allowing changes to details displayed on the reviews as well as color and avatar changes to suit your brand. You can see the all of the available customization below:

The 'Questions & Answers' tab will allow you to turn on or off whether you would like the dates of questions to be visible or not:

Next is the 'Edit Design' tab which allows you to get very creative with how the widget looks and really allows you to make the widget look on brand and match your current site style really well! You can change Colors, Fonts, Sizings, Spacings and much more. Take a look below:

Once your have completed all of your fine tuning and are ready to put this widget on site you can then get the customized code of this widget by pressing the 'Get Installation Code' button on the bottom left of the widget page.

You will the have the option to either copy the code for yourself, or to email this code directly to your Developer so they can install this for you!

Live Examples

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