HubSpot Integration

Create tickets and update your contact information in HubSpot using data.

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For more control over your data, integrate with HubSpot through our invitation flow feature. Simply add an Integration step after sending an email and select "Send to Hubspot".


⭐️ Active account

βœ… Active HubSpot account

Navigation πŸ“

  • Select Invitations from the left hand navigation in your dashboard.

  • Scroll to HubSpot

Instructions βš™οΈ

Contacts πŸ‘₯


When a review is submitted a Note will be added to the contacts activity panel including the rating, comments and product details.

Custom Properties

Custom " Product Review" and " Company Review" properties are added to your contacts. These properties include the details of the latest company and product reviews submitted by each contact.

Tickets 🎟

When adding HubSpot steps to your Flow sequences you'll be given the option of creating tickets for negative reviews. Tickets are associated with the relevant contact. Please be aware that, depending on the Pipe and Stage you choose, HubSpot may email your contacts when tickets are created. This can be configured in HubSpot by going to Settings > Tickets > Pipelines > Automate.

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