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Send targeted campaigns in MailChimp

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Use reviews data to segment your audiences and send targeted campaigns in Mailchimp.


⭐️ Active account

✅ MailChimp account

⚡️ Dynamic Link bolt-on

Navigation 📍 integrates with MailChimp through our invitation flow feature.

To access this, simply login to and go to Invitations>> Flow

To add your MailChimp API and MailChimp Domain, you will need to create a Flow sequence.

Note: You will need to add at least a 'Time Delay' and 'Send Invitation Email' before you are able to add Mailchimp. You can add Mailchimp from the 'Integrations' option.

Example below 👇

Review Tracking Events

When a review is submitted or an Influencer is found after the integration has been enabled, a "Custom Event" is created in a customer's profile in MailChimp.

Custom events can be used to create automation in MailChimp.

The following events will be pushed to MailChimp customer's profile:

Events Description

ReviewsIOReview User wrote a company review

ReviewsIONegativeReview User wrote a negative company review

ReviewsIOPositiveReview User wrote a positive company review

ReviewsIOProductReview User wrote a product review

ReviewsIONegativeProductReview User wrote a negative product review

ReviewsIOPositiveProductReview User wrote a positive product review

ReviewsIOPhoto Any Photo Reviews

ReviewsIOVideo Any Video Reviews

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