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Multilingual Set-up: Informal German Collector Page
Multilingual Set-up: Informal German Collector Page

How to send your customers to the Informal German Collector Page

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Many German D2C brands choose to communicate with their customers in informal German (‘du’) and provide options to ensure that this brand experience is consistent at all times.


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Instructions ⚙️

Firstly, it is important to ensure that your Email invitations are associated with the informal German Collector Page settings. For this, please refer to the following Support Articles, based upon whether you are choosing to invite customers to write a review using emails sent by or from your own email platform with Dynamic Link.

Before getting started, please read this article relating to the general process for translations of the Collector Page.

Setting this up correctly is important to ensure that customers are not shown a mix of formal and informal German. As each language version of the Collector Page has templated text and some questions are not translatable, inserting informal German text into the German (formell) Collector Page will result in a poor user experience.

Setting up the Collector Page for Informal German

As we currently have options for both formal and informal German, it is important to set the language for your Collector Page in the German (Formell) option first.

Once you have edited it to be the correct wording, ensure that you save this under Save & Preview > Save 👇

Then, using the Translations drop-down menu in the right-column, navigate to the German (Informell) option.

Here, you will see the same language used as in the formal German version. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to auto-translate to informal German.

Simply replace the text which you see here, to your required informal German version, and click Save Translation.

Our Customer Success Manager, Iskin has prepared a short video (in German 🇩🇪) to help explain the process and how the invitations via are connected.


  • Please be aware that some questions can’t be translated, such as Net Promoter Score and the photo/video upload option.

  • When making changes to the configurations within the Default Language, it’s best to double-check that auto-translations are still correct once saved.

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