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Manual Branch Creation & Management

You may collect reviews for individual branches of your store

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When a branch is added manually, this simply adds the branch name to your list of branches. Branches will only be active if you have set a branch type either via Review Booster, API, or BCC automated methods.


⭐️ This feature is available on Grow and Plus plans.

Navigation πŸ“

  • Log into you dashboard

  • Navigate to Account >>> Settings

  • Select Manage Branches

Instructions βš™οΈ

Adding Branches manually within Manage Branches is beneficial in 2 ways πŸ‘‡

  1. It enables you to create Branches that haven't yet had reviews left for them πŸ‘‡

2. It allows you to retroactively add a branch to reviews left before setting up Branches

Steps on how to retroactively add and change branches assigned to your reviews are in the next sections, Timeline and Removing Assigned Branches.


  • Navigate to Timeline and select a company review

  • Navigate to the right hand column >> + Add Branch

  • Write your branch name under Create New branch

  • Choose Set Branch


Not only will this create a new branch name which will appear in your Branches list within Manage Branches, but it will assign this branch to the review you created it in. If you do not wish to assign Branches to reviews when creating them, use the Manage Branches method.

Removing Assigned Branches

If you wish to remove or change a branch that has been assigned to a review at any time, select that review and navigate to the right hand column:

  • Select Change Branch

  • To remove the branch, select Remove Branch From Review

  • To change the branch, either choose from the options Create New Branch, Or Select Existing Branch


If you would like to change branch type entirely - e.g location to sales agents - you must specify this within a new Review Booster or BCC email, or change the type appropriately within the API. Please refer to the section Automated Branch Creation & Setup to do so.

Branch Statistics

The main purpose for setting up Branches is to gain insight into your business and services by creating reports from your branch data. Through the information your reviews provide, you can benchmark your branches and determine patterns, to promote areas of excellence and improve upon shortfalls. To view statistics and insights:

  • Navigate to Analytics >> Branch Statistics

You will need at least 1 review for each of your branches in order to see them in Branch Statistics.

Within each of your Branches, you will have data on:

  • Total number of reviews

  • The average review rating

  • Reviewer recommendation percentage

  • Number of reviews for each rating

You will also have the opportunity to view review insights for each of your branches, if there is enough review data.

  • Select See Review Insights For [Your Chosen Branch]

You will be presented with a list of all reviews containing specific sentiments, and a grade rating for each.

From here you can switch between your branches, as well as use the field to search for specific sentiments within your reviews for that branch.

Other Branch Options

Setting up Branches also enables you to include branch related information in other aspects of your review collection, publication and management.

Branch Specific Email Invitations

Although when customers are invited to leave a review they will already have a branch assigned to them, you can invite them to leave a review with a branch specific Email Invitation and create a more personalised invitation.

  • Navigate to Invitations >> Email Templates

  • Choose either Create Simple or Create HTML

  • Choose your Invitation type/format

  • Edit the body of your email to match the branch type you have set and include the [Branch] placeholder

Including a branch placeholder means your one review invitation can be sent to all your customers, with branch being dynamically filled to match each customer. However, you can also create individual branch specific email invitations.
Create your invitation following the same steps as above, and within the top row:

  • Select Branch and choose one of your branches

With your chosen branch set you can add branch specific text to the body of your email, as well as include a branch specific banner image.


If creating branch specific email invitations, you must also have a Company Review Email Invitation active as well. Your Company Review Email Invitation will be used as a fail safe for any customers who may not have used a branch you have created branch specific Email Invitations for. Therefore all your customer reviews will be collected.

  • Finally, Save your Email Invitation under it's branch specific name

Branches & Local Review Email Invitations

If you have set up your branch type to be location-based either via Review Booster, API or BCC, and are collecting Local Reviews, your customers can be directed straight to that branch from a Local Review Email Invitation without having to choose from that Local Channel themselves. To set up Branches within your Local Review Email Invitations:

  • Navigate to Invitations >> Email Templates

  • Choose either Create Simple or Create HTML

  • Choose Company or 3rd Party Reviews

Within the top row:

  • Choose Branch and select your chosen branch

  • Finally, Save your invitation under it's Local Invitation branch specific name


Customers who are invited using a Local Invitation without branch set will still be sent directly to the Local Review Channel, but they will have to choose the branch they used on that Local Channel when leaving their review.

Branch Specific Collector Page Questions

Within your Collector Page you can also create branch specific questions. If you do, these questions will only appear within the collector for individuals who have used your branch type set.

  • Navigate to Collection

  • Navigate to Collector Page >> Add Company/Product Question

  • Choose your branch

Branches & Company Profile Page

Your branches will appear alongside their accompanying reviews on your Company Profile Page. Branches cannot be hidden on your Company Profile Page reviews, so it's important that you're comfortable with the Branches you set appearing publicly.

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