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Access all your past Email and SMS Review invitations history

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πŸ“§ To allow you to keep track of all review invitations, we've given you the ability to view a list in your dashboard and filter

Navigation πŸ“

Navigate to Invitations > Invitation History

Click on either the Email Invitation / SMS Invitation tabs

Available Filters

  • Status (Eg: Sent, Responded)

  • Invite type

  • Platform

  • Email Address

  • Order ID

  • Date Range

  • Company Reviews

  • Product Reviews

You are also able to change the number of results per page,

You can do this from the dropdown at the bottom of the history πŸ‘‡

Pausing Invitations

You are able to pause invitations individually, in bulks of 100 or you can choose to pause all email sending.

To pause individually you would need to select an invitation and choose 'pause'

You can, however, select up to 100 invitations to pause at one time.

You can either do this by going through the history and pausing specific invites individually or you can choose the top selection box which will select all review invites on the page up to 100, then click 'Pause'

Note: If invitations are in the invitation queue and the send date is overdue for more than 4 weeks they will not be sent automatically.

Editing Invitations

You are able to edit individual invites, you can just select the invitation and choose 'Edit'

This will then open a pop up that allows you to edit:

  • Customer's name

  • Order ID

  • Send date

This only applies to Invitations still in progress.

Note: You are only able to adjust the send date and not the send time ⏰

Tracking your Flow Invitations

If you have a Flow set up and active within your account, you can now see which part of the Flow each of your customers is at.

You can view this by clicking the drop down arrow next to the 'Sent' status on each invite:

This will help you keep track of each customer's review process!

Note: The reminder email template will appear with 0 sends as we do not track this data. However, as seen in the above screenshot, if you open up the drop-down you will see the reminder email being sent in the customers journey.

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