You may add new users from your organisation to your account and also create new roles for these users, with fully customisable permissions.


Multiple Users is only available on the Professional & Enterprise Plan.


  • Navigate to Account in the bottom left of the dashboard

  • Click on Manage Users



You'll see a list of current users and their access levels on this screen.

To create a new user, click the Create a New User button.

Fill in the details and choose a Role from the dropdown menu.  You may choose from No Access, Agent, Administrator and Read only by default, but more can be added (see below)/

IMPORTANT: If the same user has been added to multiple accounts, they would need to use the same password for each in order to access


Roles are designed to give you maximum flexibility on available permissions for your staff members. To manage your roles, click on the Roles List tab and click Create a New Role.

You should give your new Role a name in the Role Name field.  You may then choose different access levels for this role by using the drop downs for each product in your dashboard.

Once you have finished, click Save Role.  Your new role will then be available in your User setup area.

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