• Available on the Growing Business plan and Enterprise plans only.


How it works: supports the ability to use the same email address and password to log into multiple accounts. This means that once your email address is added as a user to an account, you will then have the ability to toggle between separate accounts.

Switch to a different account by clicking the Account dropdown in the upper right. Then, select the account you would like from the Other Account dropdown.

Additionally, supports varying permissions for the same email address within separate accounts. For example, the same person could have Administrator rights in one account, but be a Agent in another.

Only account Administrators are able to add new users to an account and remove them when needed. Additionally, it is not possible to link separate login email addresses, so make sure that the email address you use is consistent throughout accounts.

NOTE: You need to use the "Invite Your Team Members" feature at the top of the timeline and NOT the "Manage Users" section of your settings. This is only available on the Growing Business Plan and above.

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