If you were looking to quickly send an individual invite to a customer you would be best to use our Quick Invite tool which is located at the top of your Dashboard.

Before you are able to send an invitation you will need to make sure you have an email template created within the account.

You can check this by going to Reviews Setup >> Email Templates to view your created templates.

Once you have a template created within the account then click back onto the quick invite feature.

The Quick Invite will then display as a pop-up where you will be able to switch between an Email and SMS tab.

If you are collecting Company and Product reviews you will also be able to switch between these in the pop-up and the fields will change according to which invite you have chosen to send.

The pop up will also show all the required fields. Each field needs to be filled out correctly in order for an invitation to send.

Once you have filled in all fields and sent the Quick Invite you can then go to Reviews Setup >> Invitation History and you will see this invitation add to the queue, this will then be sent shortly after.

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