Before sending review request emails through Klaviyo you must enable the integration within Setting up Klaviyo integration.

In order to send review requests out of Klaviyo, you will need to use our dynamic link feature, please use the live chat in the bottom right to discuss upgrading this within your account if you don't already have this enabled.

Creating a Post Purchase Review Request Flow

1. Create a new flow from within your Klaviyo dashboard, and choose 'Product Review/Cross Sell'.

2. Set the 'Time Delay' to however long after order fulfilment you want the request sending to your customer.

3. Select the 'Dont Keep It To Yourself' email, and hit 'Edit' > 'Edit Content'.

4. Select the 'Item.Product.Title' block, then select ROWS > DYNAMIC > COLUMN 2 > TEXT.

5. Remove the 'Review This Item' hyperlink.

6. Add a CTA button underneath the 'Item.Product.Title' with the Dynamic Link. Instructions to embed this link correctly are available here.

By doing so, when the customer clicks 'REVIEW YOUR PURCHASE', they will be directed to the collector page to leave their verified review.

Example Email Templates:

Below are some great email templates clients of have setup to collect reviews through Klaviyo.

Alf The Label

Dock & Bay


Milton & King

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