Autopilot Integration

Automate your review collection through Autopilot via a Campaign through our BCC integration.

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The following article will outline the steps involved in order to trigger a review invitation through Autopilot.

In order to queue a review invitation from, we will need to be BCC'd into a post purchase email you are sending to your customers through autopilot.


✅ Autopilot account

⭐️ Account

Instructions ⚙️

1. Find/create a post purchase email (through a 'journey' or something similar in your autopilot account).

2. Add an 'Email' block to your Journey and hit 'EDIT'.

3. Fill out your setup page, and add your BCC address which can be found here to the 'BCC' section of the setup email page.

4. Click next and select your email template. When creating your template, be sure to include the following customer details:

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Email

  • Order ID (Or any Unique ID of the customer)

  • Product SKU (If collecting product reviews)

5. Once you have saved this and set your automation live, please let one of our team know by using the live chat in your dashboard and we can map your emails and queue review invitations off the back of this.

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