When setting up your REVIEWS.io account to operate in different languages, it is important to make sure these changes are made at every step in your customers journey from leaving a review, to reading them on your website.

This article will explain to you how to make the relevant change, and what the changes will be impacting.

Email Templates

The email templates are what you will be sending to your customers, inviting them to leave a review for your business. Setting up the language in this section will also inform the collector page which language it will display in

Multilingual set-up - Email Template

Collector Page

The Collector Page is where your customers will be writing their reviews. Not only will this ensure all of your customers can understand what you're asking them to review. This can also help inform the customer which language their review should be written in if they are multi-lingual.

Multilingual set-up - Collector Page

User Language Tagging

If you are collecting reviews in multiple languages, tagging the reviews is a great way to make sure the widgets are displaying the relevant reviews for your site. This also makes it easier to filter through the reviews within the dashboard.

Multilingual set-up - User Language Tagging


The majority of our Widgets do support a wide range of languages, however, some of these do require some manual translations to be added. Unfortunately, there are some widgets which we can't currently translate. The article below lists all of the widgets/

Multilingual set-up - Publishing

If you do have any further questions or need any help with the Multilingual Setup, please don't hesitate to contact Support on Live Chat.

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