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Getting Started (Magento Users)

7 step guide to setting up review collection for Magento Stores

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Here's a quick guide to get up and running with review collection with your account right away! πŸ‘‡

Magento Integration

First, we'll need to create that connection between our plugin and your Magento store. Head to INTEGRATIONS then click Magento and then follow the prompts to connect the integration βš™οΈ

Once you've followed these instructions on the integration page these two should now be connected and now we can begin preparing for review collection! πŸŽ‰β­οΈ

Create an On Brand Email Template

Secondly, you'll need an email template in order to begin collecting reviews. You have multiple choices pending on your goals:

πŸ“§ Company Review Request (great if you are using Google AdWords!)

πŸ“§ Product Review Request (perfect for Google Shopping and Organic Stars on product pages)

πŸ“§ Combined Review Request (Ask for a company review first and then a product review in the one email if you are looking to collect both)

πŸ“§ Third Party Request (For asking for reviews on any third party sites you may have integrated).

Follow the link here for more detailed instructions to create your email templates!

Note: Please be sure to switch the template to ACTIVE!

Here is an example of an invite after the design process! πŸ‘‡

Note: By default, your Magento trigger is SHIPPED.

Adding your Product Feed

The product feed allows you to sync your product catalogue with the platform. This feed will be available at To enable this you'll need to:

▢️ In Magento, navigate to Stores >> Configuration >> >> Automation >> Product Feed

▢️ Set Product Feed to Yes.

When you save these settings, the URL of your feed will automatically be added to your Reviews account!

Set your Timezone

Navigate to Invitations >> Country Settings.

  1. Click on the Timezone drop down and select the most suitable timezone for you Business

  2. Hit 'Save Timezone' to ensure that the system remembers this

Design your Collector Page

When your customer clicks the 'Write a Review' button on your email templates, they are directed to a landing page where you can add customisation to suit your brand.

Navigate to Collection > Collector Page πŸ”–

Firstly, you will want to design your collector page to match your brand guidelines. You can design your collector page here.

Then, you can add additional questions, attributes, UGC collection by following this article here: add features to your collector page


Automating reviews through Flow

Now you have setup a review template, and designed your review collection page, you will want to create a sequence to collect your reviews that is styled to your brand.

Our Flow feature allows you to completely customise the experience based on how you want to collect your reviews. Use this guide to setup your flow experience.

Note: The flow will begin from when you mark an order as SHIPPED in Magento.


Set Your Account Details

In order to set your account up correctly, you will need to add your correct account details via the Account Details section.

Please read this guide for further information on how to set up account details!

Once you have completed the above 7 steps, you are all set to begin your review collection! πŸŽ‰

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