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Flow - Requesting Third-Party Reviews
Flow - Requesting Third-Party Reviews
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This article will go over how to set up your Flow to send out invites to third-party platforms.


⭐️Available on all plans

⚡️ Google Local or Local Review Collection and Monitoring Bolt-on

Navigation 📍

  • Select Invitations >>> Flow

Instructions ⚙️

The exact steps for collecting Third-Party Reviews vary depending on which Review Types you're looking to collect.

The main thing to keep in mind when creating the flows is that any split that is set up within the Reputation Manager only applies to Company templates.

Note: This article will go over the specific settings on how to control the splits for more information on the flow settings, read the flow article here.

Company Reviews

To collect company reviews on our platform & Third Party sites, you would create a simple flow as shown below:

You can then control the split & where customers go via the Reputation Manager. In this example, 50% of customers will be invited to leave a review on and the other 50% will be sent to your defined Third Party Platforms.

Product & Combined Reviews

This flow will require you to use the Split option, to control who is sent where.

Keeping the same split (50/50) in the reputation manager as we had previously, with the flow below only 25% of your customers would be sent to the third party platform, and the other 75% would be invited to leave a review with

This is because we can only send customers to the third party with Company templates.

So in the above example the split would be as follows:

  • 50% combined invite to

  • 25% Company Invite to

  • 25% Company Invite to a Third Party

If you wanted the 50/50 split as defined in the reputation manager you would need to update the split there to send 100% of customers to the third party.

Based on this split the customers would now be split on the following values:

  • 50% combined invite to

  • 50% Company Invite to a Third Party

You will then control this split via the flow, rather than the Reputation Manager.

Note: If you collect with the 3rd party integration the flow will only send the initial invitation. The follow-up emails will not send for the flow sequence to the 3rd party platforms.

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