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Flow - Follow Up Photo / Video Review Request
Flow - Follow Up Photo / Video Review Request

How to send a follow up Photo / Video Review request once your customer leaves a review.

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๐Ÿ–ผ A follow up Photo/Video Review Request is a great way to collect UGC from those who have already left a review!


  • Active account (excluding Shopify free)


  • Select Invitations

  • Choose Flow


Firstly, create a basic review request flow by following this guide here. It should look something like the below:

To send a follow up UGC email, add a Yes/No condition and in the data field select your review type (company review in this instance):

โณ Add a Time delay and set this to however long you would like to ask for UGC (1-2 days recommended). Instructions on how to add a time delay can be found in the basic flow guide here!

โ˜๏ธ The above is what your flow should look like so far!

Next, add an Advanced Split, select Review Rating as the data field, Greater than or equal to as the condition, and 4 (recommended) as the value:

So in this example; the customer would like to request the customer to provide UGC only if the review is 4โญ๏ธ or above

Under โ€˜Is review rating greater than or equal to 4?โ€™, we will add a Follow Up Email and select Ask Reviewer to add a Photo or Video. Which should mean your flow looks like:

Now click save and... congratulations! You have built an advanced flow to request UGC from customers who have submitted 4* or above reviews! ๐ŸŽ‰

What this flow will do: 7 days after data is received, customer will be sent company review > wait two days > if customer submitted a review 4* or 5* then follow-up will be sent to request image/video!

Note: Be sure to have a template created for each type of review and select the correct template on the left hand menu bar when adding your review request emails and follow up UGC emails.

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