A follow up Photo / Video Review Request is a great way to collect UGC from those who have already left a review..


  • SMS bolt on in your REVIEWS.io account.

  • Active REVIEWS.io account.


  • Select Invitations

  • Choose Flow


Firstly, create a basic review request flow by following this guide here. It should look something like the below:

To send a follow up UGC email, add a Yes/No condition and in the data field select your review type (company review in this instance).

Hit back, and you will see be presented with the flow below:

Add a Time delay and set this to however long you would like to ask for UGC (1-2 days recommended).

Add an Advanced Split, select Review Rating as the data field, Greater than or equal to as the condition, and 4 (recommended) as the value.

Under ‘Is review rating greater than or equal to 4?’, drop a Follow Up Email and select Ask Reviewer to add a Photo or Video. Your flow should look the same as below:

Be sure to have a template created for each type of review and select the correct template on the left hand menu bar when adding your review request emails and follow up UGC emails.

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